Oxford Automation Business Structure

Factory Automation, SPM’s, CNC retrofit & various Automation solution.

Energy Management and Utility Solutions with Hardware, software support with logical solution.

PLC Automation & VFD panel manufacturing & SCADA Systems.
Building Management System and Home Automation.
SPM’s, Integration to various end-users for efficient production lines & Online Support
Robot applications for pick and place, Spot & Arc Welding.
Packaging solutions for pharmacy lines with RFID system and wireless system.
Wireless Systems, RFID, Barcode application & Vision based solutions with real-time identification of parts.
Office IT & Infra systems, Plant monitoring & security systems.
Training and Education with best manufacturing practices.
Drive(VFD, Servo & digital) and System repairs.
Heat Exchangers, Oil Cooled Chillers.

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Oxford Automation has a lot to offer

At Oxford Automation, we stand behind our products and services. We offer SPM's, Heat Treatment, and Energy Management – to name just a few. It is important to us that you know we offer high quality at a price that's the best price for luxury items with other businesses in the Automotive industry.

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If you are looking for a business that has well-trained staff and meets your needs, then we hope you consider doing business with us. And if you're saying "How do I find SPM's in Pune," contact us soon.